Home Studio Design

Hey everybody, how are all of you lovely people? I’ve been doing quite great, and keeping busy these days. As I’ve mentioned recently, my wonderful wife has given me to the go-ahead to use a good portion of our unfinished basement to create my very own permanent home studio! I’m sure you can imagine that I am quite excited, and I’ve been spending many hours planning out the details. Having spoken with a few other home studio owners, there are a few main things I want to keep in mind to create a home studio with the optimal experience – they are function, comfort, and aesthetics.


(photo curtesy of Steve)

First and foremost, a home studio has to have the capability of of serving it’s primary purpose – to create high-quality recordings of music. This means the ability to record multiple instruments simultaneously, the ability to edit and fine-tune the recordings, and of course the ability to mix the separate tracks together to make a final song. So, I’ve been doing some poking around the internet and it seems these days a lot of the tasks can be done with a Digital Audio Workstation (most often referred to as a DAW) and an audio interface. I think I’m going to go for the Pro Tools software for my DAW, which seems to be the industry standard, and for an audio interface I will go for a Tascam US-1800, which seems to be suitable to record up to 8 instruments at once while still being relatively affordable.


(Lounge area in Steve’s studio)

If you’ve ever spent any time in a recording studio, I’m sure you’ve noticed that it’s important for the musicians to be comfortable. This means not only having plenty of space in the recording area so as to avoid claustrophobia while performing, but also having a lounge area where everyone can simply hang out and get in the appropriate mood for recording. I’m looking into getting a nice leather sectional and a coffee table so that my friends and I can relax and spread out, and of course a small refrigerator and miniature bar setup for drinks and snacks while we get our creative juices going. I’m also told that carpet choice is very important in making people feel at home, so maybe I’ll throw a shag carpet down if I can find one at the right price.


The final most important thing is to make sure that the aesthetics of the room are pleasing. Like making sure the place is comfortable, this is more of an indirect effect but it allows musicians to feel calm and collected when at home. I’m going to make an effort to route as many cables in an orderly fashion as possible to keep the place nice and tidy. I’m also going to choose a nice soothing but light blue to paint the walls, and my wife is going to help me decorate the whole area with several potted plants that will do well in the low light environment (bonus: I’ve heard plants like music!). To bring the whole room together, I’ve been looking through reviews to find a nice flush mounted electric fireplace to really bring the whole room together – if you’re interested, check out http://www.bestelectricfireplace.review. Steve had one of these things installed in his living room recently, and man do I have to say they look really fantastic. The technology must have come quite a long way, as they first time I saw them they looked really tacky. Now they they simply look luxurious. You can even choose different flame colors to suit the room and mood better, and of course they bring the added benefit of more heating to the basement in the cold winter months so that we can keep playing all year round. Here’s a picture of the one Steve got from that site installed in his living room:

I’m really excited to get this project off the ground. It’s going to take some time (and I’m sure quite a bit of money!), but it’s something I’ve wanted to have for years now. I hope everything goes smoothly and quickly, but you never know with projects like this! Anyway, hopefully once it’s done I’ll be able to get to work so I can have some recordings to share with all of you beautiful people.

Take care and as always thank you for reading!