Building the Bar: Our Trip to Home Depot!

My family and I decided that we wanted to build a bar in our basement so we can invite our family and friends over to play music and share some drinks. We decided to go to Home Depot to get the supplies because the staff there has always been knowledgeable and helpful. When we first walked in the place, we knew immediately we potentially were going to be way over our heads. Home Depot is massive and we weren’t sure to start. Seriously, who needs all of this stuff?

The first thing we did was a quick recon. We walked through and checked out all the aisle markers and the different materials and products they carried. Now that we had a good idea of where we were and where everything was, we pulled out our crumpled piece of paper with our list. Some of the items on the list, we had a general idea of what we were looking for but others on the list sounded like we were speaking a foreign language. Lucky for us, there were plenty of orange vest warriors called Home Depot employees walking amongst the store. We took a deep breath and decided to dive in.

A friend informed us that on their smartphone app, you can view a map of the store and it will direct you where you need to go. So we began going through the list and pulling out the larger items first. We walked past the outdoor cleaning equipment and over to the wood section, selected the wood color that we wanted, and found one of the orange vest warriors to get his take on which of the woods would be the best selection. He helped us load it into our cart. Scratch! One item off, a full paper more left to go. We worked through our list, item by item and aisle by aisle. Of course, we picked up a few extra items along the way because who can pass by the strategically placed sale items that they place in random spots to grab your attention? Not us!

Once our cart was overflowing with bar-making products, we were ready to go to the checkout. Your options are to scan your own products or you can go through the traditional checkout. We both looked at our cart and decided there was no way we were going to be lifting these products again just to scan them. So instead, we went through the traditional checkout. We made the traditional small talk and explained our plans to build this beautiful bar in our basement. Of course, our conversation ended with paying the cashier and inviting this random stranger over to our house for a couple of drinks, once the bar was up and functional. We walked out to the car, we loaded everything up, and we plopped down into our seats. At that point, it fully sunk in to both of us at the same time, the real work now has to begin. We now have to figure out how to put all of this stuff together. Wish us luck!