About Rosco

Born and raised a singer/songwriter, Rosco Bandana has been emanating good vibes for over a decade. Working as a solo artist or as a stand in for any number of bands, Rosco brings his love for blues, folk, and traditional western music to the stage.

Rosco first picked up a guitar at age 8, and it wasn’t long before he became well versed with 12 bar blues and the minor pentatonic scale. From there he learned a wide repertoire of age-old classics before he ventured into the world of writing music of his own.

For Rosco, music is not just a hobby or a distraction – it is a way of life. You’ll find him out and about in the city, perhaps performing his latest works in the park or in the local hotspots. His music is full of energy and passion, and he cuts deep into the human soul. It’s not uncommon to find crowds of strangers gathered around and singing along together as Rosco leads the way with tried and true favorites.

So, if you come across Rosco Bandana in your travels stop in and take a listen. You know you’re in for a treat!